Nyanza Auto Parts & Car Battery Terms & Conditions

At Nyanza Autoparts we sell many different types of battery which are used in many different applications, different batteries have different warranty periods, please refer to battery receipt. Taxi batteries carry a 1-year guarantee.

Warranty Coverage

Batteries sold are sold with a warranty against premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only.



Battery problems that ARE covered as a manufacturing fault
● Short circuit / Dead Cell
● Internal Break – unless caused by the battery being dropped or damaged by the customer



Battery problems that ARE NOT covered by the manufacturing warranty
● Physical Damage
● Sulphation
● Wear and Tear
● Deep Cycling  / Over discharging
● Over charging
● Under charging
● False Claims
● Incorrect Application

Please note: A Warranty is made invalid as a result of:
● Failure to follow the instruction manual    
● Negligent and improper storage, usage or installation    
● Unauthorised modifications to the battery    
● The use of so-called means of improvement    
● Incorrect charging    
● Incorrect application

Warranty Procedure            
If you believe the battery to be faulty, please bring the battery into store along with your receipt.

  • We will test the battery and the result of the battery test will determine the next action, see below:

Battery Test Results




Battery is functioning normally.


Fully charge the battery, test and return to customer.


Fully charge the battery and retest. Failure to fully charge the battery before retesting may cause inaccurate results. If CHARGE & RETEST appeared again after you fully charge the battery, replace the battery.


Replace the battery and retest. A REPLACE BATTERY result may also mean a poor connection between the battery cables and the battery. After disconnecting the battery cables, retest the battery using the out-of- vehicle test before replacing it.


Replace the battery.


We can offer you a ‘loan’ battery whilst we charge the battery (subject to availability) and will require a £25 deposit to be left. We will charge the battery and test it; if the battery is found to be faulty, we will replace the faulty battery with a new one and refund the deposit. If the battery is found to not be faulty, we will return the original fully charged battery to the customer and refund the deposit providing the ‘loan’ battery is returned.


All batteries are to be returned to Nyanza Autoparts for testing. This is the responsibility of the customer and not Nyanza Autoparts.