As you have seen in the news, there has been a vast increase in car robberies. When you buy a new car and spend a lot of money to purchase one; you expect to have the best security possible. This is unfortunately not the case and thieves have now found hi-tech ways to hack into the new technology lacing your vehicle. This can be as simple as walking up to your car with a laptop or a signal receiver and piggy backing the signal your car key emits from within the house and then accessing the car and driving it away with little to no trace! Often, these cars are never seen again and driven into the sunset.

We recommend two items if you are worried about your car being stolen by the silent thieves; first one, a good old-fashioned steering wheel lock. This was a popular item in the 80's and 90's and seemed to die away in the 00's however it now seems to be making a comeback and they are more popular than ever! The second one, a relatively new product to the market. A key signal blocker!

We stock only the best steering wheel locks. So which one do we recommend?

  1. Stoplock Pro Elite


  1. The best one on the market
  2. Fits 99.9% of vehicles
  3. Sold Secure Automotive Gold approval
  4. Thatcham Category 3 anti-theft device
  5. Lifetime Guarantee

Well worth the money and a definite investment for someone who wants the ultimate steering wheel lock.

  1. Stoplock Professional


  1. Fits most vehicles (Please give us a call or refer to PDF guide to confirm fitment)
  2. Fully attack tested
  3. Sold Secure Automotive Gold approval
  4. Thatcham Category 3 anti-theft device
  5. 10-year guarantee


A hacking device may allow the thief to drive your car away in near silence but fitting a steering lock which only takes seconds will cause a lot more noise and definitely slow them down if they decide to tackle the stop lock.


Other than fitting an undoubtedly visible deterrent like a steering lock; there is one other item we recommend for you to purchase to further prevent these thieves from accessing the invisible signal which your car and key fob share! This is the Police preferred ‘Signal Blocker’.


  1. Defender Signal Blocker


  1. Fully Blocks a key fobs proximity signal
  2. Can even block phone signals and GPS Tracking
  3. Protect your vehicle’s key less entry fob
  4. One size fits all – Comfortably fits keys and phone
  5. Accreditation – Voted ‘Best Buy’ in Auto Express product test.

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