BG MOA Petrol Oil Supplement ? 325ml

Product Code: BGP110
BG MOA is the number one engine oil supplement! In a recent survey, dealership service managers chose BG MOA 8 to 1 over the next aftermarket supplier. Engines are running at higher temperatures than ever before. This, combined with the increasing regularity of stop-and-go driving, cause rapid depletion of critical Engine Oil Additives. Without these protective additives, severe engine oil oxidation occurs. Oxidation reduces oil to heavy, black sludge in the crankcase, oil screens, oil passages, rocker arms and other critical areas of the engine.

BG MOA fortifies all qualities of engine oil, providing superior, long-lasting engine protection and maintain peak engine performance. It prevents engine oil oxidation and thickening under even the most intense driving conditions. When installed by a professional, it keeps engine components clean to help extend engine life and reduce cost of operation.
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Supplier BG Products
Product Range Engine Oil Additive
Volume (ml) 325

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