Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak And Conditioner ? 325ml

Product Code: 64559
Wynn?s Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner is an oil soluble supplement developed to stop and prevent leaks and ease shifting of automatic gearboxes and power steering systems.

- Stops and prevents leaks in automatic transmissions and power steering systems.
- Revitalizes rubber seals and O-rings.
- Cleans and protects the system by means of detergents and dispersants.
- Smoothens and quietens gear changes.
- Prevents ageing and oxidation of automatic transmission and power steering fluids.
- Prolongs the lifetime of the components.
- Reduces power steering whine.
- Prolongs the life of automatic transmission fluid.


Can be added to all conventional ATF and power steering fluids meeting Dexron and Mercon (Ford) or equivalent specifications.
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