Forest Fruit Little Tree Bottle Air Freshener

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Unique wick delivery system with efficient fragrance performance - Easy to use and long lasting - \'Press and Smell\' fragrance tester on each blister card
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Technical Details

Supplier Little Trees
Product Range Hanging Air Fresheners
Volume (ml) 4.5
Scent Forest Fruit

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About Little Trees

CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is the manufacturer of the world-famous LITTLE TREES automotive air fresheners. We are headquartered in Watertown, New York, USA, but export worldwide.

Our History

Over 60 years ago, a milk truck driver in northern New York complained to Julius Sämann, a local scientist, about the smell of spilled milk. Sämann had lived in the Canadian pine forests extracting aromatic oils.  He went to work and, using exceptional fragrances on specialty material, soon invented the first automotive air freshener.  He drew the abstract evergreen shape and gave it the brand name CAR-FRESHNER.

These “LITTLE TREES” proved to be an efficient, high-quality solution to a common problem and soon they were flying off shelves. Orders started rolling in from all over the country and quickly gained a strong international following.  Julius’ pioneering product has become a global symbol of freshness and quality.


CAR-FRESHNER Corporation continues to meet consumer demand for freshness by offering a number of different air care products in the LITTLE TREES brand.

Our iconic LITTLE TREES air fresheners have appeared in countless movies and television shows. More popular than ever, they are available in almost 40 fresh fragrances and eye-catching designs. Black Ice remains our best-selling fragrance, followed by classics like Royal Pine, Vanillaroma, and New Car Scent.

All LITTLE TREES air fresheners are made in our two factories in the United States: Watertown, New York; and DeWitt, Iowa. In Europe, Trees are branded ARBRE MAGIQUE and WUNDER-BAUM, and are made in affiliated factories in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

In 2013 we launched PERK, a brand designed to wake up your space. The innovative technologies and contemporary designs offer fresh scents with style. The PERK brand and product lines quickly proved successfully and in 2015 many were brought to the next level and moved to the LITTLE TREES brand.  Now iconic LITTLE TREES fragrances like Black Ice, Vanillaroma and New Car Scent, along with PERK’s original Caribbean Colada are available in LITTLE TREES Vent Wrap and Visor Wrap.

Commitment to Excellence

Julius Sämann was passionate about maintaining the excellent quality of his products.  He insisted on rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure they consistently met or exceeded his high standards for fragrance, strength, and longevity. CAR-FRESHNER is committed to producing high-quality, long-lasting and affordable products providing the best fragrance experience possible.

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