MANNOL 9971 Air Conditioner Cleaner

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MANNOL Air Conditioner Cleaner is a most recently developed special cleaner for air conditioners that ensures an optimal cleaning of the air conditioner and the neutralisation of unpleasant smells during its use. It effectively cleans the outer and inner devices of the air conditioning system, eliminating fungi, pathogenic micro-organisms and viruses as well as prevents them from re-forming. A regular application of this product removes the negative influence of the air conditioner on your health. Warm up the engine. Remove the cabin filter. In order to dry the air-con surface set the following heating and ventilation conditions for 10 minutes: windows OPEN, engine OFF, air-con OFF, recirculation ON, air distribution set to the footwell, temperature and fan speed set to MAX. Before applying the product switch recirculation OFF, set air distribution to the windscreen. Insert the probe into the cabin air filter opening(s) as well as into the ventilation openings and apply the product. 250 ml are sufficient for one application. Leave for 15 to 30 minutes. Dry the air-con at the same settings as described above. Install the cabin filter. Use disinfectants with care. If product is spilled wipe up immediately. Contains bronopol 1,1 g/L N-67445.
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Supplier Mannol
Product Range Air Con Cleaner
Volume (ml) 520

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