Araldite® glues are so strong they help to build bridges, assemble racing cars and manufacture aircraft wings. It's why we call them 'professional adhesives'.

- and you can buy the same products in easy-to-use tubes and syringes to bond virtually anything, including glass, ceramics, leather, wood, metal, masonry, rubber and most hard plastics.

There's guidelines on which glue to use, advice on repairs and some great ideas for creative and DIY projects.

Araldite® professional adhesives can be bought in many retail outlets, including DIY and hardware stores, hypermarkets, grocery outlets and trade stores.

And when you've used them, don't forget to tell us about it! - we'd love to hear your clever ways for working with Araldite®.

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Did you Know?

Galapagos Island Sea Lion research

Araldite® glue was used to attach recorders to sea lions on the Galapagos islands, to study their dives down to 350 - 500 metres.

The World's longest ever single beam bridge

Araldite® glue was used in the construction of the world's longest ever single beam composite bridge over the Manzaneres River in Madrid.

The World's largest catamaran

Araldite® glue was used as a primer to bond the deck of the world’s largest catamaran to the hull body

Luxury Motor Cruisers
Araldite® glue was chosen by the designers of a luxury motor cruiser looking for a glue to stand the stress of impact and vibrations at high speeds on the water.